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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

KINGDOM MUZIC FAMILY is more than music. Our goal is to create community where we can all grow together and encourage one another. On this page we can share and exchange testimonies, pray for one another and encourage one another with God's words. We love you and thank you for being faithful to Him.

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I love kingdom music I pray for family unity I pray to find a good wife and have kids someday,I pray for my brothers and sisters locked up ,I pray for forgiveness for my sins amen


I thank God for you all, your music offends some lol and that's why me and my wife listen to you all daily, we work at a fast food restaurant and brother it's all worth while ever day they know I start with the Great I am, I know our here people are going through it I know, if they would read just this part, GOD WILL PROVE HIMSELF, JUST ASK


Hi I have tried messaging you on Facebook. We've been really going through a lot and we just suffered two losses back to of them was my brother in-law and he was a huge fan. That's how I found you. He passed from fentanyl toxicity on Dec 21, 2023... We are heart broken...I was just wondering if you could give him a shout out of some sort. His name is Juan Antonio Echeverria, from Frankfort IN. He was the best person I've ever known...he leave behind his 11 year old daughter. His brothers Jaymin Echeverria, Victor Echeverria, Nick Hill, and Dillon Hill. Also his mother. A huge extended family who loved him deeply. I am his sister in-law and…


So I have been tryijg to get closer to our father and I struggle sometimes. I believe and love him and his son I just nvr feel anything maybe it’s not my time or maybe I don’t need the help. But the more we go on in this life and all the wicked keeps showing it’s get hard to control the anger I have for the nasty disgusting ppl in the world.

all the the child stuff and rape and killing old ppl walking around naked and it all seem to be ok these days and it’s not and I get very upset what has happen to to humanity I know we are close to the last days but I…


Kingdom muzic is the truth. Bryann loves Jesus with his heart. He don’t just sing preach etc. my brother lives this daily

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